Surface coating & vacuum systems

Surface coating technologies such as physical & chemical vapor deposition (PVD, CVD) rely on a high-quality vacuum to achieve desired coating results. Simulations can be used to optimize working parameters, predict the coating quality and to improve the design of vacuum pumps and vacuum chambers.


Electromagnetic devices operating at increasing frequencies demand sophisticated algorithms for tackling the complex problems that arise in these regimes. Determining high-order modes competition, e.g. in gyro devices, beforehand, can significantly improve the design process. Find out more...


Used to the harsh environment of space, we are able to support the design of heat shields for atmospheric entry maneuvers and the optimization of electric propulsion systems. As the space above us gets crowded, simulating the re-entry of space debris becomes an important topic to assess the impact risk. Find out more...

Nano- and Microsystems

Electronic devices strive further towards miniaturization, leaving the realm of continuum fluid dynamics. We can help you to estimate the gas flows within your microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), e.g. to reduce the heat load on components or improve the mixing behavior.