Plasma dynamics simulation with PICLas

boltzplatz utilizes the plasma simulation software PICLas, developed by the University of Stuttgart. PICLas allows the prediction of rarefied gas and plasma dynamics under the influence of electromagnetic forces.

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Modern numerics & complex physics

With the goal of the approximation of the complete Boltzmann equation in mind, a flexible three-dimensional code framework for particle methods was devised. These methods can be coupled or used stand-alone such as

  • Particle-in-Cell with a high-order discontinuous Galerkin solver for electromagnetic or electrostatic interaction,
  • Direct Simulation Monte Carlo for non-equilibrium, high-enthalpy gas & plasma flows in the high Knudsen number regime.


  • Efficient and scalable parallelization concept optimized for high-performance computing
  • High-order of approximation on unstructured grids
  • Mixed finite-element-finite-volume scheme combining the advantages of both methods
  • Broad range of available species from electrons to polyatomic molecules such as methane
  • Treatment of chemical reactions & ionization processes