We are often asked, what does a “Bolzplatz” (a colloquial German term for a small soccer field) and computer simulations of gases and plasmas have in common? The answer is simple: Nothing. While the founders of boltzplatz – numerical plasma dynamics GmbH used to play soccer together, the simulations have nothing to do with the popular sport.

Logo containing the company name boltzplatz

As an attentive reader may have already noticed, our company name boltzplatz is spelled with a “t” before the “z”. This is not a mistake, but rather an intentional reference to the background of our name. It is derived from the Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, who is well-known in the physics world. Ludwig Boltzmann developed the fundamental Boltzmann equation, an integro-differential equation in the six-dimensional phase space of kinetic gas theory. This equation essentially describes how a gas or plasma behaves on a molecular level and enables the calculation of gas and plasma flows in vacuum chambers or even in space.

Solving the Boltzmann equation

Although the Boltzmann equation is of great importance, its general mathematical solution is not readily available. Therefore, numerical methods such as the Particle-In-Cell (PIC) or Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method are used to find solutions. At boltzplatz, we use the open-source software PICLas to simulate gas and plasma flows and to find solutions to the Boltzmann equation. In other words, the company boltzplatz is a place where the Boltzmann equation is solved – a literal “boltzplatz”! Our simulations enable us to predict flows in gases and plasmas on a computer and to solve problems in industry and research.

With this meaning in mind, it serves as the basis for our work in computer simulations of gases and plasmas. Thus, the name boltzplatz represents also our commitment to scientific work and research.

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