One of our services is the execution of complete simulation projects. A project starts with a challenge or a specific problem that you would like to tackle with the help of numerical simulations. At the same time, you do not have to worry about computational resources or the required numerical know-how. A typical project is described below.


1. Definition of project goals

Together, we define the goals of the project and the favored outcomes. This includes the desired reporting and meeting schedule (e.g. regular progress presentations, final presentation and/or report). We prepare a structured work plan and define milestones, offering you transparency and traceability of the performed work.

2. Geometry & boundary conditions

The basis for our simulations is your input regarding the geometry and the boundary conditions. The geometry can be provided as a CAD file (e.g. in the STL or STEP format) of the component or a simple technical drawing. During the preparation of the simulation domain, we will determine the boundary conditions with information provided by you (such as the prevalent pressure, the measured mass flow or the applied voltage, depending on the application context).

3. Conducting the simulations

After having the necessary information, we will perform the simulations using PICLas on either local computation servers or high-performance computing clusters such as the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart. During progress meetings, we will present preliminary results, allowing you to verify and tweak the input parameters if required. In case you have experimental measurements available, we can use these measurements to validate the simulation results.

4. Post-processing & project conclusion

After the simulation runs have been completed, we will post-process and evaluate the results. Depending on your preferences, we can either write a report and/or summarize our findings and recommendations in a final presentation. Additionally, we can provide you with the simulation output files, allowing you to perform in-depth analysis of the results.

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