Simulation of travelling wave tube

Simulation of a travelling wave tube

Plasma simulation: complex conditions

We support companies that tackle complex physical conditions such as vacuum, electromagnetic fields as well as nano- and micro-systems with numerical simulations of rarefied gas and plasma dynamics under the influence of electromagnetic forces.

Save time and costs through simulations!

Predictive numerical simulations help you to simplify and optimize processes in development and production, reducing the number of costly test runs and prototypes.

Simulation of an atmospheric entry at Titan

Simulation of an atmospheric entry at Titan

Why work with us?

We offer customer-oriented solutions, regardless whether you are interested in the investigation of a specific physical problem or want to simulate in-house with PICLas using your own resources.
Fast & agile
Through the use of modern software and development techniques, we offer fast & agile development cycles, adapting our software depending on your needs.
The on-going cooperation with the University of Stuttgart ensures the continuous transfer of state-of-the-art simulation techniques from academia to industry.